The Exhausting Reality of Novel Transration

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The Exhausting Reality of Novel Transration
Author: Hi My Dear
Latest: Chapter 112
Time: 2023-01-24

I’ve had enough of being transrated into booksYou would be tired of it too, especially if it was already your fourth ti it This time, I became the female lead’s villainous older sister‘Oh, I’ain, I was sure this life wouldn’t be exciting either I had led straightforward lives before, and then I died and moved on to the nextBut as it that this iteration was a tad different?‘Why can I use the abilities I had inonist, was fated to have a poor, e that she was this novel’s true heroine, I couldn’t just let her roll through the e her fate‘My younger sister, don’t becoh a project hereby dubbed as the , I’ve recruited the male lead’s older brotherCassion CarterHe was the villain as almost killed—no, was fated to be killed—by the ”As if he was a wild beast that had been hunted and left to die alone, he breathed with incredible difficulty I reached toward the poordown to whisper softly“If I save you…”Lay down your own life on the line to protect my sister