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How to Block any Site in Android Phones?

In this tutorial post we are going to tell you that How to Block any Site in Android smart Phone that you won’t like with the help of a free application. Everyone needs to block some sites at some point of their lives. Blocking sites is a pretty easy task and can be done by following some easy steps which are going to be described below.

Just follow the steps and you will be able to block the sites which you wanted. You need to download some applications and you will be good.  Once the site is blocked you will not be able to use it unless you unblock it, you won’t even get any kind of notifications from that site. Just be sure that you want to block the site before really doing it.


Follow the steps below to block the site you want:

How to Block any Site in Android Phones?

1: Unlock the smartphone if locked with a passcode.

2: Open the menu bar, where all the applications are located.

3: Search for the ‘’PLAY STORE’’ and open it, by clicking on it

4: Make sure that you are connected to the Wi-Fi or the cellular network because this procedure requires internet as it includes downloading and installing in this procedure.

5: Search for ‘’Block Sites’’ on the search bar of the Play store and it will give out a wide set of results.

6: The application that appears on the top is the one which you need to install because the top one is the first priority as it has been downloaded by the most people. The application on the top is the most famous so always download the first one while searching for something.

7: Download the application and install it on your smart phone, it may take some time. BE PATIENT.

8: Now run the application and it will ask you if you are ready to block sites, just press on YES and it will continue.

9: It will give you a little preview of the application like the new smart phone gives of it software.

10: Now it will ask you the site ID which you want to block, type in that. Like if you want to block facebook.com then write it on the browsing bar.

11: A confirmation message will appear which will ask you to confirm the blocking of the site.

12: Click “confirm” and it will block the site, just be sure to do so, because now after blocking you will get no notification from the site you just blocked unless you un-block it afterwards.

See? This was pretty easy, some people are really fed up from some websites which are annoying and keep giving out ads which are of no use for us, and you can block them by a single click on this app which you download from the Google Play Store.

If you want to ask anything about this article or the procedure, then leave a comment below and we will provide you help.

How to Block any Site in Android Phones?
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