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How to Root BLU Vivo 5 without PC

Today here in this post we are going to tell you that How to Root BLU Vivo 5 easily without computer with the help of King Root application. Rooting a phone is pretty easy these days, although there is still risk of getting your phone bricked but still you can now even rooting your devices without the help of computer or just you need to make a backup on one but you can also create a backup on the applications like One Drive. Rooting a smartphone makes it more powerful than ever and you can install the tweaks you want which are helpful in your daily life. Rooting will make it easier to use your BLU Vivo 5 as many tweaks will be installed and then the tweaks will be helpful in your daily life.


‘’If anything happens to your BLU Vivo 5 while rooting it with the following steps, we are not responsible for it so do it at your own risk.’’

How to Root BLU Vivo 5

Follow the instructions below to Root BLU Vivo 5


1: Charge the battery of smartphone well enough before starting up the procedure because if the BLU Vivo 5 shuts down during the procedure, you will lose your BLU Vivo 5 and it will get bricked, so make sure that you change your battery well enough before going through with the process.

2: Make sure that you have made a backup of your BLU Vivo 5 on a personal computer or any backup application you like, most of the people suggest One Drive but it is your choice. Once the backup is made, go through with the procedure and follow the next step.

3: Disable/Deactivate all the antivirus programs from the PC as well as the smartphone because antivirus will not let you rooted your BLU Vivo 5 as antivirus consider it illegal and also risky which states that it will not let you root it.


Rooting Procedure of BLU Vivo 5

1: Download KingRoot from the following site, Download KingRoot

and install it directly on your smartphone as this rooting process will take place directly from your smartphone.

2: Run the software and click on ‘’Make it Ra1n’’ which will start the procedure of rooting.

Kingo Root Apllication Tool

3: Be patient, as it will take time for the rooting process because rooting makes your firmware modified and it takes time.

4: When the procedure is completed, a message will pop-up saying, ‘’SUCCESSFUL’’ which means that your BLU Vivo 5 has successfully been rooted.

5: Download RootChecker from this link or you can also download it from the Google play store also to check if the BLU Vivo 5 has really been rooted or not. If not then, redo the process from the start and your BLU Vivo 5 will be rooted properly.

CONGRATULATIONS, you have successfully rooted your BLU Vivo 5 without PC or computer.

Have any questions in mind, leave a comment below.

Tell us about your experience in the comments section below too.

How to Root BLU Vivo 5 without PC
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