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How to Root Vivo X3S?

If you are searching for How to Root Vivo X3S then you are at right place and here we are going to guide you this method with simple and easy steps. Android Rooting is a complicated process but you can still do it very easily, as there are many software’s these days which help you a lot. You just need to download them and click ‘’start’’, the rest will be done by the software itself. Rooting has been made very easy due to these programs, similar is the method which I am going to describe today, just focus on the precautions and do them properly to save you from having a bricked device.

Follow the steps below to root your Vivo X3S android smart phone properly.



How to Root Vivo X3S?

Vivo X3S Rooting Requirements

1: First if all, you need to make a backup of your data as rooting is a risky/dangerous task and you could lose your data so make a complete backup of your Vivo X3S android smart phone on your personal computer and place it somewhere safe.

2: Charge your battery and make sure it is above the 50 to 60 percent as it is necessary because if the device turns off during the process, you could lose your Vivo X3S android smart phone as when the smart phone rooting procedure is left in-between the device has no software to run on and gets bricked.

3: Disable all the antivirus software’s on your Vivo X3S android smart phone as well as on the computer because they interrupt the rooting process by keep notifying you about the harmful malware detected as android rooting is a dangerous process, antivirus programs do not allow this.

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Steps to Root Vivo X3S Android Smart Phone

1: Download the OneClickRoot application software from this site, Click Here and install it on your computer.

2: Enable the developer options of your mobile by tapping on the build number more than 5 times and it would enable the developer options, which will be enabled right above the about phone option.

3: Now enable the USB debugging mode by going into the developer option, right above the about phone.

4: After enabling that, connect your smartphone with a genuine USB cable and make sure that it is not having any fault , faulty cables have the issue of disconnecting while the process and if that happens you will lose your Vivo X3S android smart phone without any notification. You won’t be able to recover them again ever.

5: Run the program of rooting and while your device is connected click on start which will start the procedure of rooting.

You wait will have to for a while and then when your Vivo X3S android smart phone restarts you have successfully rooted your device.

6: Download ‘’Root Checker’’ from the play store or Google which will be APK file. Once installed, run it and it will let you know if your Vivo X3S android smart phone device has been rooted or not. If not, then carry on with the same procedure again as sometimes the smartphone does not accept the rooted files the first time.

Congratulation, you have successfully rooted your Vivo X3S android smart phone device.

After Rooting process you can install Android Nougat on your this mobile phone, just follow the simple tutorial video below!

How to Root Vivo X3S?
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