Chapter 3 (1/2)

“MrandStar Flower, enjoyed a briefher favorite kind of baked sweet

Itbeauty and a cold soive off the elegant aura of royalty or nobility even when eating the er of meals, but her afternoon teatime was an exception

It could be favorably interpreted as a way of consuy needed to work as a Master Soue, closed her eyes blissfully, placed a hand on her cheek, and savored the sweet harmony, the melted look on her face was very different from that of the noble Master Soman There was no way around the fact that she had a sweet tooth

Millia, Beatrice's 2 and the best student of the Shooting Star Floas currently away on a journey, did not dislike sweet things, but she did not understand why Irene was so obsessed with the that slack look on Irene's face after eating an oh-so-sweet sugar cake, she had asked the following to the other girls:

“Maybe the only way to get an attack in on Irene is to aim for the instant she eats one of those cakes”

The students of the Shooting Star Flower could not i any more defenseless

Millia had been tee to interrupt heran attack in like that would feel eone for it

At any rate, this was just about Irene's only ti her hard work as a soe A love of sweet foods, spicy foods, or whatever else did not affect her strength as a soman or her skill as a leader, so she allowed herself this one indulgence

“Hee hee”

“What's so funny, Irene?”

When she laughed out of the blue, the younger so really I was just thinking about Millia When I had tea with her and served these sugar cakes, do you knohat she said while shoving one in her mouth all at once?”


“She would say she wanted a whole bucket full of them Hee hee”

“Hee hee That does sound like her”

Irene's laughter was infectious and the student started as well

“And she co, so she insisted she wanted a thick and sizzling steak”

“Ah ha ha I can picture it perfectly That glutton always loved so that tasted good”

Irene frowned sadly as she watched her student laughing to the point of tears

“It's been aright now and what kingdo in If only she would send us a letter”

“It's only been a ht and cheerful personality, I bet people will adore her wherever she goes”


Irene quietly agreed as if trying to convince herself of that Just then, another student arrived with a letter

“Lady Irene, I have a letter froreedily read through the letter froradually fell over her beautiful face as she did so


Surprised by the sudden change in their grand master's expression, the student so and simply handed over the letter with a treh it, she grew pale

The letter said that Millia, student of the Shooting Star Flower, had been abducted by someone named Vloodvane

“I-Irene, does this nize the name Vloodvane?”

Since she had read the letter first, Irene irl remained flustered

“No…wait, yes Wasn't Vloodvane a Ralfint court o?”

“Yes, that is the only Vloodvane I can think of in this kingdoo, he supposedly had an intimate relationshi+p with the queen and princess at the time, there were rumors he was the true father of the crown prince, and that sparked the civil war that has plagued Ralfint ever since I had heard ruic, but it would seem he really is still alive”

Irene kicked her chair back and stood up

“I will not rest until I have brought death to all who th”

Irene, ed, but her voice re below the surface

Her black eyes were usually filled with such kindness, but they were now half lidded, a dark flame blazed within them, and a fierce smile appeared on her red lips

Minor noble families had a powerful sense of ca the sa in Beatrice

There was nothing entle and earnest person as finally provoked into a fight

This Vloodvane person e, but Irene's students knew his fate was sealed

Theirsweet about her when she engaged an enelance at what rear cakes


After Irene silently returned to her roohly throw off all of her clothing

Once naked, she pulled out the beloved sword she kept hidden and she unsheathed it

The silver blade appeared with a refreshi+ng sound

Swords caed varieties This was a straight, double-edged sword and it was of rare quality This was evidenced by both the shi+ne of the blade and by the practical yet intricate design of the hilt and the scabbard It was obvious at a glance this had been made by a master swordsmith

The sword had been e Royalty and nobility sought the swords he made and they rarely went up for sale in the ly high prices For that reason, they were often used as diplodoms

So why did Irene, the head of a minor rural fareat treasures, ell over 70, yet he was a hopelessly dirty oldhe was stricken by her sword technique and her beauty

Irene well understood that swords were tools of death and sword-fighting techniques were designed to kill She did not like glorifying such tools, but she could not deny this was an excellent sword

It was named Raiht breeze had blown so out and it had sliced the gararhter's underwear that the old lecher had stolen

Whatever the truth htest touch And with an expert's technique, its edge could be polished even further

On the battlefield, heavy ar, so it often came down to power rather than skill However, you could not walk around everywhere with heavy are weapon Ralfint in particular was a dom, so that heavy equipment was out of the question So the use of sturdier but hter armor had become more common That made skill much more important

That technique was often referred to as the art of war or martial arts On the battlefield, it was only natural to use whatever tools would bring victory over the enemy But as the level ofthose arts grew, it was only natural for individual styles to be established That had led to the creation of ic, and the ninja arts The Shooting Star Floas aNo one on the continent surpassed Irene in the use of the blade She was confident of it

After confir it to confirm how it felt and then sheathed it once more

She approached her clothes dresser in the nude, pulled out soht and then left leg She put a sleeveless and skintight dark blue bodysuit on her upper body, attached the stockings to the garter belts extending from that, and then put on her dark blue panties After that, she put on a knee-length pareo with a bold slit on either side to help her s She wore a leather chest protector over the bodysuit and put on a necklace with a red loves that reached her upper ar a crimson scarf around her hips, she used it to wear Rai weapon as a side blade She put on a black cape and finally tied back her long black hair

Now that she was dressed for a journey, Irene was no longer the kind older sister figure for the somen of Beatrice She was undoubtedly the Sword Dancer who had earned the title of Master Soman and whose skill orth a fortune

“How ht?”

When Vloodvane entered the roo fes forcibly spread, drool dripping from her mouth, and her eyes rolled back in her head She had a thick dildo in both her vagina and ass

“Let's see… About ten ti the dildos shoved inside of Millia and she had beads of sweat across her body, but she counted on her fingers to answer Vloodvane's question

“You're as tough as ever when breaking soht? She really does have the strength of a soo Ahh, ahh And look all this piss on the floor”

“Of course I ah This is how I show my love for you, Master Vloodvane”

Vloovane showed soathering his attention for herself

“Also, it's crazy how easy it is tosoHere, I will show you what I have accoirlin front of Vloodvane, looking up at hi in a nearly inaudible voice

“…Please let me pleasure you with my mouth before you put it in my dirty pussy…”

When Vloodvane pulled his dick out, it was half-flaccid Millia was a little unsure what to do since she had only seen it in its fully erect forently prompted her to continue

“Now, take it in your hands and then into your htened puppy, but she hesitantly reached out her hands, grabbed the base of the half-flaccid thing between them, and reluctantly placed her lips around it Once inside her er fit

She seee and she started licking it, but Glinda wrinkled her brow irl's golden hair and pulled her away

“What in the world are you doing!? Do you not kno to pleasure a man? What kind of worthless education did you have? …This is how you suck a dick”

Glinda kneeled in Millia's place, carefully wrapped her hands around the shaft, placed her red lips on the balls, and toyed with theue along the ridge at the botto with her saliva before taking the tip into her mouth With an obscenely wet sound, she sucked on it like it was thein the world

The intensity of the blowjob

While Millia watched in a daze, Glinda finally looked up, released a heated sigh, and spoke to the girl again

“Sigh… That is how you should treat a man's cock Now, do it yourself”

The erection see with Glinda's saliva, but Millia had no choice but to ain and attempt to reproduce what Glinda had done

“Your actions need to show hiue and not just the tip”

While supervising Millia's blowjob, Glinda reached toward the girl's butt and placed soers on her labia


Millia spat the penis out in shock

“You really are an aard girl, aren't you? …Oh, I know You have such wonderful tits, so use those to pleasure it”

Glinda eirl's breasts, and had her straighten up while still on her knees

Fearing for her life, Millia had no choice but to grab her own breasts and place Vloodvane's massive rod between thee the round flesh in a way that would pleasure Vloodvane

“Hee hee I'ive titjobs I couldn't row bored if that is all you do Stick out your tongue and lick the tip You can do that, can't you?”

Millia stuck out her tongue as told and licked the precu the titjob


“Hee hee Did you hear that? He's enjoying it Look at Master Vloodvane squirm Remember that spot because it is a man's weak point Now, take the tip into your mouth and suck on it”

Millia oncethe penis head into her s on it She of course continued to use her breasts to

All of a sudden, she felt the penis throbbing between her breasts


It exploded in the back of her throat This was a new experience for her, so she ended up sing the first shot in surprise

So much of the liquid filled her mouth that she started to suffocate and she had no choice but to continue sing on reflex

(Ew, I sed it It's so gross)

Once released, Millia fell on all fours and gagged

“Oh, what a waste”

Glinda forced Millia's face back up and licked all the semen off of it Then she looked to Vloodvane

That ic had hi must have also returned his see boy Even after cu once, he reht, Glinda pushed Millia down and had her stick her butt out

“How about it? Would you like a taste of this as well?”

Glinda spread Millia's butt to reveal an anus soaked with love juices and pee She stuck her er inside and stirred it up


Millia could not even react at this point

Glinda stuck her other er inside and spread the hole wide

“Look how soft and flexible it is”

“Wah, ahh”

Millia's breathing grew heavy as her anus was spread wide and then Vloodvane penetrated it with his thick cock

“Ah, ahh…ah, ah”

Thanks to Glinda's ith the dildo, Millia's anus easily sed Vloodvane's massive member and her healthy body twitched each time he moved in and out of her

“Hee hee Well, Millia? Does it feel good when Master Vloodvane fucks you in your filthy asshole?”

“Ah…y-yes, i-it does…ah, i-it feels good…!”

Millia drooled as she lay on the ground and tried to bear with it

“Hee hee So you're finally being honest Good girl And a good girl needs to be rewarded I will give you even more pleasure With this”

Millia looked up to see Glinda had stripped naked at so fro what his apprentice intended to do, Vloodvane grabbed the back of Millia's thighs and picked her up with his penis still in her ass

Millia was held up like a little girl being asked to pee, except she had her anus penetrated

“Pant, pant, ah, pant…”

That position pushed him even deeper inside her, so she took deep breaths and awaited Glinda with her nipples erect and tre

“Here I coainst Millia's urine-soaked labia and then pushed it inside

“Ah, ahhh!”

Tears spilled froical penis inside her rear hole and a fake one inside her front hole and they rubbed against each other through the thin wall of flesh between

“Ahh…yes, incredible…ahh, Master Vloodvane, Lady Glinda…it's too good!”

The sexual pleasure was so great that Millia had to clench her teeth to bear with it, but she could not keep her mouth shut as moans escaped the back of her throat and drool dripped out

“Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahhh!!”

Vloodvane suddenly ejaculated inside her ass She could feel the war pumped inside her That was a sensation she had not felt with the dildos froh that she finally cliain

A ware's lower bodies

“Oh, dear Millia, you just caain, didn't you? That ain too”

“Pant, pant, pant…”

Millia's ar while a completely broken expression appeared on her face, so Glinda lovingly eue, and licked all over the girl's face

“Hee hee You're so cute So, so cute I've never seen a irl”

“Hand over all your entle farm fields eventually transforn of hudom was known as one of the least safe on the continent, so the people you met on a path like this tended to be of the unsavory sort

After leaving on a journey to rescue her student, Irene ran across the most stereotypical of that unsavory sort: bandits

She was dressed like a soht they could deal with a wo alone, a lot of women would dress up as warriors to scare potential attackers away

For example, if someone was dressed like Millia, people would assu, even if they were not particularly skilled

And while Irene's dark black eyes did give her a deterraceful to be a warrior There was reason to suspect she ht be some ordinary lady simply dressed up as a soman She did not look like a seasoned warrior, so it lookedIrene as no more than an unrefined soman would not end well for you either If she put on a nice dress, the look in her eyes and the sh to “slay” five or even ten men


Irene re her Her silky black hair just about blew into her eyes, so she brushed it back without thinking That casual race and beauty of a refined lady, but it was also faintly seductive

Even if she woreand even if she was a seasoned warrior, Irene was still a woave off a unique aura

Her beauty must have inspired some lust in the bandits because one of them tacked on another condition

“And while you're here, let's have a bit of fun together”

He showed off his crooked teeth with a vulgar s

“What's wrong, girly? Say so already”

“Too scared to talk?”

So about Irene's calm behavior felt off to the bandits She was too brave for their liking Normally, someone in her position would cower in fear, cry, try to run away, or beg for mercy They would never maintain such an unconcerned expression Where did that confidence come froave that blunt and icy response, the bandits briefly looked like they had sed sorew red

“Sounds like we need to show this bitch what happens when someone talks back to us”

The eyepatch ry threat and then raised his scimitar A moment later, Irene had sliced his head down theher draw the blade


The human skull was extremely hard, so this would not nor at all as she held out the bloody sword to threaten the others

She was not a cruel and brutal person However, she was not a kind enough person to respect the rights and lives of people who treated other people's rights and lives like garbage

After seeing that extraordinary skill and seeing their boss dead, the other bandits scattered in a panic

Irene left without even glancing back at theht about the bandits She visited different inns while showing off a sketch of Millia and describing the girl to gather information Eventually, she found soirl

When she visited the location she was given, she found a sudden clearing in the middle of the forest The hunter who had led her here had vanished all of a sudden

She easily picked up on the tense killer intent co this was a trap”

She s ventured, nothing gained She had co it was a trap She was confident she could break out of ht Crows, hroups commonly known as ninjas

The first type worked for a dom's ninjas ere led by Karura The second type worked as freelance ht Crows and anizations

This kind could be even more skilled than the ninjas who directly served a specific kingdoht Crows excelled at night battles

Irene could sense around 20 people hiding in the forest around her

Her white skin and bright eyes stood out even at night


They did not even wait for her to raise her sword before they threw sand at her from all four directions

She was blinded, but she sensed so wrapped around the blade It was a kusarigama Another one came from the opposite direction, so she quickly drew her short sword to deal with it

She could no longer use either of her swords and nets were thrown at her from three different directions overhead

Once trapped by the triple nets, ten bows launched one and then another arrow at her


The anizations were generally split into three ranks: high,ones were theones were the foot soldiers

Thisthis ether a watertight plan and it had been executed flawlessly

He had been ordered to capture the woman, but he had never been told to leave her unhar ic, so she would just have to bear with the pain

This le wole lamb Plus, this opponent was no lamb

This woman was known as a Master Soh to challenge so this job, he had carefully planned out what to do And he was overjoyed that it had worked However, he did not have long to bask in the joy of success


He was duhost