Volume 1 Chapter 1 (1/2)

クロの戦記Kuro no Senki

Kuro’s war Record

Author: Saito Ayumu

Story synopsis

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Kurono Crawford (Chrono Crawford), a noble of Cepheus Empire had a secret It was that he came from a Different world……Modern japan Having the knowledge about the modern weapons and his sense of values he was an existence al”

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※ Although there is a war record in the title, domestic affairs are the main part of Arc 1

※ Overlap released 3 books of light novel version


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Life goal arc

Chapter 1 『Chrono』

Chrono follows the rut with his eyes The rut that extending froets further away froets denser and at soht, there is a dark and quiet forest spreading

The forest which spread between the border of the Cepheus Eo was known as the Dark Forest

the Dark Forest is an alpine that has a natural defense of many ferocious wild animals such as wolves and a brown bear

It is said even that the de here, but there seee to the extent that there’s a rut left

It could be a result of the merchant that hates the trouble of detour the forest or to evade the high toll tax of Marquis Ellakis that Chrono has served

If you go through other territories, you’ll have to pay a toll tax every time so there will be only a small profit left on the merchant’s hand

Chrono himself can not understand that money can be more important than life, but he can understand the idea that you ain profit

So he can understand that the Sacred Argo Kingdo to attack the Cepheus E the dark forest

However, He didn’t know the intention of the Cepheus Edoain

although you can’t say that they have a very friendly relationshi+p, but why did the Sacred Argo Kingdo?

Even if he ask himself, the ansill not come out After all, what he know is only that the Cepheus Imperial Army move is far behind, that he had to quickly chase out the eneue and superior had escaped

”…… っ!”

So moved in the back of the forest, Chrono reflexively clasped the handle of the sword, but 700 of De

There are no elves who are forest experts in this field, but beast men who make up the majority of his subordinates boast a keen sense of s

he decided to believe in his , Chrono took his hand off the handle Although he reflectively reaching out to the sword, Chrono is not good at swordsmanshi+p

Not only he is not good at swordsmanshi+p but also in equestrian as well For that reason, he usually moves on foot, but he did not think that his superior and his colleagues would abandon him

If you earn time, reinforcements will come, said his superior Marquis Erakis

According to reports of the scouts, the nudom is 10,000, but here is only one thousand Tenfold difference in military force … … What the hell are you thinking about?

The life of Chrono and his people are uncertain The morale of his subordinates is sunk rock bottom low

Many of his subordinates are beast men …… It looks like the beast’s head is on the human torso, so it is hard to understand their expression at the same time

At least, if Chrono was an excellent commander, morale would have increased At least they could have hoped

Unfortunately, Chrono has just graduated from the military school and has no practical experience and it was so bad enough to leave his name in the history of the military school It is also thanks to the fact that his teacher who bowed his head down here and there that he could graduate

For once, Chrono has also e on lavish food and alcohol, tried to raise theseen pessimistically as the last meal and alcohol of life at the end

”Generals, are you okay?” (fuumoo~ moo ~) [Minotaur]

”Sorry, it looks like it will leak”

Chrono leaked the real intention to an adjutant who carefully asked

”…… general” (moo~)

With black circular eyes staring at Chrono and sadly sang

His adjutant is a beast man with a head of a cow called Minotaurus

The height exceeds 2 meters, and its body is covered with steel-like muscle

”No, I also want to show off, but originally I am weak”

I was even afraid in a quarrel, to be made a commander is just insane ht stimulus to stomach, the peristaltic sphincter will be free (as in shi+t his pant)

”Why did you become a soldier if it’s like that?” (fuumou~?)

”Because I heard that being an aristocrat I have to go to military school”

laughing, A dull-colored nose ring at the nose of his aide shakes

Nose rings are ic This makes it possible to communicate with beast men whose structure of the vocal cords is different fros

”General, you could get away fro staying with us demi-humans” (fumooo)

” … Yes, right? ”

In fact, he is right

De elves and dwarves It is a word pointing to living creatures that are not hu less than a hu

As deo now that human power has expanded, de ruled by a human

If you serve military service for a certain period in the Cepheus Empire Citizenshi+p is also issued to the Demi-human But if they injured to the point that they inevitably have to retire the arood job Even if you obtain citizenshi+p

Still, the correspondence of the Cepheus E countries, the Sacred Kingdoo holds the eradication of the demi-human as a national policy

Chrono is still in a winning group even if there is nothing else but being a noble if looking from the side of his subordinates

”In the time to leave a subordinate and run away, I miss my chance to run”

”…… General, are you seriously saying that?”

While Chrono smiled wryly, Minotaur’s aide seems to be amazed

”Of course I am serious, I did not dreaues”


This ti his words

”I’ to just let it be

”I do not think we can stop the enemy with a fence made in a hurry” (moo mooo)

The adjutants glared at the fences that stand side by side as he speaks

The fence is installed at a position slightly away from the forest boundary

Height and width are about three h of Chrono

The fences are installed at equal intervals, and between theh which people can pass

”If this is the case, it is better for you to use guerrilla tactic?”

”I thought about that too, but that alone can not repel them”

That said, Chrono glared at the forest

If he had a little uerrilla warfare, but our moves are too far behind

It is a chance now that for a march

If the Argo Kingdoh the forest, We can not compete with just one thousand people

”if we did not force them back…”

plunder and slaughter will be done, Chrono sed the words

Pillage to secure provision and items then kill all the demi-human

”because it is their state religion”

Chrono threw up a spat

Fort Cities Rachel …… The town bearing the name of the servant who served the first Marquis of Erakis Which is less than half a day distance away from the Dark forestThis city has developed as a city and also functions as a military base

Tyria aiting for the Marquis of Iraqis in the office located on the top floor of the building located in the center of Hachel

”What did you say?! you escaped!?”

Tyria hits the desk And Marquis Erakis shook his body as frightened

”bbut we should be able to earn some time with this”

”””That’s right!”””

When the Marquis Erakis Marquis excited with sweat and perspiration, his subordinates followed as well

There was no choice There was a discrepancy in information If we can pay with one thousand lives of demi-human, it is cheap

As a result, ”a girl who does not know anything” aze of them seems accuses Tyria

Surely Tyria did not know about the battlefield Now, The only reason That she can yell at the Marquis Erakis who is as old as her father Because Tyria being the first Princess of the Cepheus Eht to succeed to the first throne

Tyria stops her angry shout toward the attitudes of Erakis’ s

Thirty years ago, the Cepheus Empire was in a turbulent period

The civil war over the succession to the throne, the independence and the invasion of barbarians of the city-state led with anxiety failed to respond to successive abnore with the help of several roups

At this time, the empire was supposed to have learned the lessons that ”the battle can not win under incoe” That is e established a military school for cadet that enrolled the nobles

It seeet the heat if passed the throat” lessons learned with precious sacrifice

The iven territory at the southern tip of the eence, now is the noble aristocrat

”Is that ”cheap” included Chrono too?”

”… We convinced hi as an abandonment of his men”

Tyria tried to grind her teeth strongly as to push the grudge that raging from this situation

The Marquis of Erakis is probably thoguht that Chrono is only a son of Baron Crawford, but Chrono is a special person for Tyria

”What day is it?” ”What?”

”Howarea? Or are you not even asking for relief!”

”Right way!” the s jumped out of the room to escape

”Stupid Chrono, idoit, fool!”

Tyria scratched her blonde hair

She and Chrono were classmates within military schools

Even with that, there was not much contact with Tyria and Chrono

Royal and new nobility, honors students and inferior students, their positions were too different

The trick that Tyria came to be aware of Chrono was a defeat in military exercises Tyria defeated her ene skirmish and then made them captive Just before the end, Chorono has launched an attack that can only be thought of as being suicide

Tyria assaulted the entire arht down by a few soldiers easily To put it simply, she was lured out

Later, Tyria ashamed of her shallowness, but at the same tied Chrono to hts

To say the least, Chrono was an interesting man he was a rare type of aristocrat who had his own perspective on things and felt the pressure to fulfill his obligation as a nobility rather than the privilege consciousness born to a nobleman

Although it’s difficult to say if you think that he is just the son of a new aristocrat …… a rising noble, but she was not bothered

”Are those demi-human worth that much to you?”

She narrowed her eyes a bit and muttered

At the moment when five heavy armed cavalries appeared froretted that he did not run away from the bottom of his heart

Chrono is conscious of his oeakness His swordsmanshi+p was the extent to which just a bit better than aic

His head is not dull, but still not that se Even if he try to be courage, He regrets that he can’t keep up with his nerves

Chrono thought that it was not a bad idea when Marquis Elakis said that he earned time with Demi-human as shi+elds

He is scared to fight and understand his weaknesses He also saw that if his weak self-fights he will die

He just needed to smile and nod to his superior but He can’t do it He just lost the opportunity to escape without being able to do that much

Chrono went outside the fence while thighen his ass (Tl: yes it really said that)

The threat of heavy cavalry in the battlefield is inpower

The charge by forh to blow off a large demi-human

”…… My name is Chrono Crawford! I am the first child a Baron! I will be shame forever if ht, I desired a single combat duel!”

When Chrono shouted loudly unsheathing sword from the waist One of the cavalries walked forward He see thethe fifth

Pushi+ng out a spear the cavalry rush forhile increasing speed

And at the ure of the knight vanished

In that short tiround He was struck by a rope tied to the height of the neck and fell off the horse

”” ”” …… __! ”” ”

They saw their colleague lost fro in They slipped through under the rope

”Right now!”

And were pierced through by the pile of the spear which shoot out fronal

Thepower of a cavalry are a threat, but if you know that they will ht ahead, Then there is not much of a threat

Fuu, and Chrono wiped cold sweat and returned to the side of the adjutant

”… Don’t you have any pride of aristocracy? ”

”If you can ith it, I definitely want to fight proudly Oh, leave the dead body like that” Chrono took a glance then sed up nausea that came up

There was soht has been lit on their pupil

It was after a while after killing the cavalry that the enemy main troops appeared

The Ar first on the other side

I wondered if they see those knight hit by a trap

A commander with a crimson tassel has led the infantry

Archers shoot arrows through the fence, but their army still advances forward

As soon as enean

Swirl, angry, dancing smoke, and smell of bleary blood

”Push back! ”(MooMooo!)


And the subordinates responds to the order of the adjutant

A dwarfs pierce an infantry who co to break in the gap of the fence were knocked down by the Minotaurus with a huge crane

If this was a battle between demi-human, it would have been a different developdom are human …… It is just a nor

For now, I a well at the present pace

The ruht help too since the ene the fence In addition, because eneic

”Go round the fence! Attack froh they were frustrated, but the soldiers of the Argo kingdom just look away at each other

”Escape the fence!”


Several people try to jump into the forest When they push indeeper to the waist hight bush … … they suddenly disappeared