Volume 1 Chapter 2 (1/2)

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Author: Saito Ayumu

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Episode 2 “Half-elf Leila”

It seens of re-invasion, either because Tyria and the Marquis of Erakis are putting a strict guard near the border

The re concern is only the treatment of his subordinates, but thanks to the order written by Tyria, everyone was treated like a hu by a doctor Because there were tooall the hospital and neighboring inn, but this can not be helped

“I thought so, can’t see anything”

Chrono looked up at the dirty ceiling of the hospital andto a doctor, it see divine technique, but it is synonyh – level user is limited

“… Is it good enough that I didn’t have an infection?”

The treatment that Chrono received was carefully washed and cleaned ater In Europe, until theoil into the wound for disinfection And pressing a burned iron bar against a wound for the sake of it, This is a decent treatment method compared with that

Chrono pulled out of bed and quickly changed into military uniform which was based on black As soon as he came out of the hospital room, Chrono discovered his minotaur adjutant … Mino-san

“Are you going to a hospital visit again?” (fumo fumo?)

“There is nothing else to do”

Fuuhooo An adjutant threw up a big snort as he was amazed

“…… I’ll go with you” (fumoo~)

“ah, thank you”

For some reason, the adjutant seemed eet off the stairs

The hospital is a solid stone building

The first floor is a hall with nearly one hundred beds

The second floor is a private room

In a separate building,laundry, doctors and pharht

Chrono tried to revise the evaluation about the Marquis of Erakis, that he still thought about the citizen But not only this hospital, the city of Hachel has developed only froeneration

The evaluation also falls as the generation falls froeneration, especially the present The reputation of the Marquis of the seventh generation Erakis is really bad

It see donation to the hospital, and doing all he want It seems like a bad part of the feudal systeher than Chrono

As he steps down the stairs, the noise-filled voice increases in volume The moment when Chrono set foot in the hall, the conversation has suddenly ceased

Is he hated? At first, is what he think, but now he got used to quite a bit Well, this is an ordinary attitude towards noble

In fact, his adjutant attitude is too casual towards Chrono

“How are your feeling?”

“Hahii! t… the condition is … is bad sir!”

When Chrono calls out, Dwarf (loli girl) ansith a twitched

“Yes … … If there is so, do not hesitate to say”


When Chrono h of relief by (loli) Dwarf

I spoke to the subordinate as in a hall and went around, all of them are in this condition


After that, even if Iand asked the doctor a similar response came back

Hachel is a city about 1 kilometer in diameter surrounded by a fort

Originally built as a military base, it has a very complicated structure

The city center is the Marquis of Erakis castle, its surroundings are surrounded by hospitals, commercial and industrial zones and residential areas

Commercial industrial zones are the most crowded The shops with branches from Cepheus Empire have their shops and stalls lined up to fill the narrow streets

“Are you still going on?” (ぶも~? tl: I think I will stop this sfx thing)

“I have to meet the subordinate at the inn, too”

I said that as I went from the inn where a subordinate is here to another By the tone at which an adjutant is bothered

“Maybe… General is unaware? ”

“Nah, I know the fact that my subordinate pay courtesies to me”

“then you knew”

fueratedly drop his shoulder

“…… next is the last one?”

The last one that remained was silver hair elf … Leila

“Don’t like Leila? ”

“It’s not like that, but I guess I’m hated”

Leila is so cold that Chrono trouble from it

I also have tried to force responsibility on her, and it’s difficult to meet

How about a gift?

As I looked around, the girl who sells flowers caught my eye

it is a hue is about 10 years old?

Hair is brown, skin is pathologically white

She is not a beauty, but a wonderful and char face

However, a great color of fatigue is showing

The dress is so dirty a part of a sleeve and heirl is poor

I have a pain in my chest from which I know about a child of the present-day japan

“Hi, will you sell flowers?”

“…… っ!”

When Chrono speaks proirl face stiff up just like his subordinates

“i… it is one piece of copper sir”

“Thank you”

When one copper was handed in exchange for a bouquet, a girl had a wonder-stricken expression on her face

U the head on one side while she turned his back on him

After a while, he got to the lodging where Leila is staying

To be precise, the first floor is a bar and cafeteria, and the second floor is an inn

I attee a little better rooot here

“I’ll be waiting here”

“ah, take care”

When he entered the bar and cafeteria, the eyes of the not so many customers concentrate on Chrono, but soon they turned away

They don’t want to associate with aristocrats too much

“Baron, today too?”

“Yes, It’s a visit also owner”

Because he has not succeeded the family, he is not a baron, but he did not correct it, Chrono poked his elbow at the counter

Zoom! It was impressive that the customers of both sides were separated with tremendous momentum

The owner is in her thirties There isn’t a child and she seeh it should have been considerably struggling to tend a store with one wo

Her fra sensual and makes them feel the color and scent of the adult woman who matured

Slender neck and tie back hair are high points

(tl: he used Okami here which could also mean mistress, a landlady, hostess, and fe part since she would change with time and it still fit with the context in japanese but not in English think of maouyuusha For now, I’ll use Owner)

“How is the state of my subordinate?”

“Because she eating without anything left, I think you don’t need to worry”

“Is that so?”

Chrono took out a piece of gold coins and give it to Owner

“hat is this?”

“I want you tonutritious with this No, I didn’tshabby of course … I’ on you”

“eh … then … well”

The Owner received gold coins with half the delight, half fearing

Because soldier’s payold coins in one month, it’ll be the unexpected income for her

By the way, the exchange rate of money is ten copper coins to one silver coin, twenty silver coins are one gold coin

There is also a brass coin below the copper coin, which is the exchange rate of ten brass coins for one coin

Clioes down a dark corridor

Leila ‘s room is the second-floor end

Knocking the door as a courtesy, Chrono opened the door

As it was, Chrono froze

First of all, it was brown skin that juht

A few scars scarcely run, The just seound looks painful,but the brown skin is so fascinating that he shudder

When Leila swiped her body with a wet cloth carefully so that h a e from her shoulder like a creature

“…… Chrono-sama?”

Apparently, she noticed Leila uses her arms to hide her chest

Chrono could not take his eyes off fro of her firmly breasts

“…… っ!”

When Chrono ss saliva, Leila bites her lips to resist her fear

Chrono realized that she was frightened immediately, and jumped out of the room His body is hammered into a wall on the hallway many times


He rolled on stairs and fell

“Baron! Do you not have any injuries?”

“It’s okay, okay”

The Owner, who , was stopped by his hand, and Chrono stood up while confir that there were no injuries

He could not get passive, but it seems that there are no ed for nearly three years is stronger than Chrono thinks

“… … ouch”

“B , Baron”

“Oh, don’t worry My bad, but will you lend me a shoulder?”

The Oith pale face supports the Chrono while tre

“I want to go up again,”


The Oas tre so much that he did not knoho support who Anyway, he borrowed the shoulder of the Owner and reached Leila’s rooain

Chrono knocks on the door, waiting for Leila’s reply

When entering the room, Leila kept silent and look at Chrono

No, is she staring?

Although it was an accident, it’s a natural reaction, as she has been seen naked

“Owner, could you get away a little?”


Chrono handed the bouquet to the Owner, looking at Leila

The cloth that Leila just change in a hurry is still hich make that the form of the chest can be seen

“…… Leila”


Leila does not answer

Chrono walked to Leila with a quick pace, pushed both knees against a dirty floor, and rubbed his head

It is Dogeza

“What, what are you doing!”

“This is called Dogeza, In a country where I was born, this is to show ized ”

Chrono pleasantly explaining to a panic Leila

“I’m sorry to see you naked!”


When Chrono rubbed his head against the ground, Leila and the owner raised up their voices

“PPlease, stop,”

“I will not stop Dogeza until you forgive me!”

Chrono resisted Leila who repeatedly responds and continued Dogeza

“waaa, I understand, I will forgive you, please stop Dogeza!”

“… …”

Leila’s screa appeal made Chrono stood up silently

“Owner, bouquet”


Chrono received a bunch of flowers froive it to Leila

“This is?”

“It was a flower bouquet, it ard to coht it on the way … … Should it be so better?”

Received a bouquet, Leila clapped her lips to bear the tears

In ten or twenty seconds, tears fell down fro able to endure it

“… hy, a half-elf like me, why?”


It is said that Leila’s ears are shorter than other elves

It goes without saying that the half-elves are elves and a human half

Half-elves are often discriainst from both humans and elves in fantasy novels, and they often receive persecution The reason is that elves are puristic, and half-elves are recognized as children born after the elves have been humiliated

However, in the case of the Cepheus E to the ruled class, and elves also take it as facts

If you ask directly, answers similar to fantasy novels will come back, but in reality, is it not a place where you want a presence of an inferior to themselves

Like people in miserable circus in more miserable circumstances than their own

“did you not know?”


Chrono replied Leila gave a lonely smile

Oh, surely, this person act gently because he thinks that I was an elf

Anyway, I am a half-elf

Such a feeling is transmitted from that smile

“I … … No, I think Leila is a very brave wo will not change and I am proud that I could have a subordinate like you”


“… … Chrono-sama”

“Leila, I will coain to see you,”

urged by the Owner, Chrono left Leila’s room

I hear Leila’s sobbing over a door of the cheap flimsy-built house Chrono wants to return immediately

“You can’t, Baron”

“…… I know”

the owner took Chrono’s hand and returned to the first floor

The attention of custoathers, which is only a moment

“Baron, how about a et it””

Eh? The face of owner got distort grandly

“No, you shouldn’t tease the poor”


A painful silence dominates the scene

“Yes, okay, I understand! Hey, you guys over there, Because baron will have his meal here, leave this place!”

“No, because they were sitting here before, I’ll just go to corner of the counter”

Chrono took a seat in the counter and glancing sideways even before the owner begun to chase other visitors

“IIt’s a vegetable soup with saltand bread”


Without etables soup and a hard bread are placed on the counter

Chrono uses a wooden spoon on vegetable soup

“How is it?”

“umm, it’s salty”

Chrono soaked the hard bread in a soup to make it a little softer, then he stuffs his mouth

he wants to add a pepper in this but that kind of spices are valuables

after a few more spoon,

” Mumm !”

“i Is there so!”

Chrono wipes a hly and said

“Sorry, but… I haveoutside, Can I also have one for him?”

“Oh? ah, the one that comes with you the day before! Please wait a moment”

owner pour the soup froe pan to a small pot and leaves the counter

“Let me take it”

“Baron will?”

“Umu, it’s better for me to do labor job”

Without saying anything, Chrono took a pot fro outside the store

“Sorry to keeping you waiting, I’ a meal You should have one too, and please wait a moment”

“General! ”