Volume 1 Chapter 3 (1/2)

Author: Saito Ayumu

Chapter 3 “Marquis of Erakis”

Three years have passed since Kurono Hisamitsu was adopted by Baron Crawford, a nobleman of the southern frontiers and came to be known as Chrono

(TN: Kurono Hisaht)

In the first year, He learned a language, customs and miniot an education to be the excellent commander at the military school of capital in the second and third years, but he surprised even by himself how bad he was

In any case, His friends are those ere practicing fencing and equestrian from childhood Chrono who has no experience in martial arts and lacks sports experience can not compete

In the end, Chrono was totally hated and aware of “the height” in the military school life that spanned for two years That’s why Chrono did not doubt that he would grow old as asement

Why did such a thing happen?

Chrono asked himself in his room at Marquis de Erakis

The place is a bed, Chrono is naked, and bare Leila is sleeping restfully next door


Last night, Leila came to Chrono ‘s room

Basically, Leila, as soldier can’t enter the roo she can not refuse, but he was unable to push her down ‘When petticoats woo, breeks may come speed’ did not happen

(TN: 据え膳食わぬは男の恥 idio a carrot in front of a horse? more like already put a carrot into a horse mouth to me IDK)

Chrono and Leila were silently sitting on the bed before they know it the distance become closer

Leila looked at Chrono with tearing eyes, they kissed

and while being thrust by instinct … … It became like this

Rather, the moment he kissed The chain of reason flew out and he was pushi+ng down Leila

“… Chrono-sama?”

Leila nodded and rubbed against Chrono like a puppy

“E? Yes”

“You can lie do”


“Was this not annoying?”

Chrono caught a pointed ear, Leila narrowed her eyes comfortably

Reht, Chrono nearly faints in agony of embarrassed

Chrono cuts in and gazed at Leila who is about to cry

“err, I … i I aentle”

I think Leila’s past is bad, but I got annoyed a bit when she speaks of another man other than myself

“…… once more, okay?”

” I will be gentle”

Chrono raises his body to laid down Leila At that ti

Turning back slowly, Tyria was standing with a folded arm

“Chrono, it’s late …t?”

The unpleasant, dangerous silence continued

I wonder how did you know at a glance that she’s half-elves, Chrono looked at the angry Tyria

“Half-elves like you are a hundred years early to be in the same bed as imperial noblemen! Come over there!”

Of course, there is nothing to hide his lower body

“Kuro … …, y y YOU, p p point that dirty thing to me! Do you think it’s will end just like that! It’s less majesty!”

Chrono atte the elephant between the crotch up and down

“Although it is said to be a pride of the imperial nobility, Isn’t the person who just calls her a half-elf and looks down upon an act which lacks pride?”

“C Chrono come to the office immediately!”

“…… Chrono-sama”

“Of course, Chrono-sama”

Chrono quickly changed clothes and left the room

Tyria was sullenly waiting for Chrono in the office on the top floor of Erakis’ house

“…… You, Don’t be so bold If this isn’t you, it will be a death penalty by less s like that”

“… … Successor of the Marquis of Erakis has been decided”

“You, Chrono”

“No problem, the Baron Crowford will be able to keep on active for a while, and you should set up an agent in case of eency” Do you want to make factions as well? And Chrono stared at Tyria who see The Emperor of the Empire of Cepheus has two sisters with the correct wife and one itimate throne to succumb to, but there

Do you want to make your own factions as well?

It is annoying I feel like I will move away from the peaceful life as a reh it did not make it in time, Tyria came to help with reinforcements, and even the matter of his subordinates are also taken care of

“Understood, how et?”

Tyria declared decidedly

“none, no ave a iven up a special budget and can not afford to lend from the treasury, but since the funds to maintain the military are paid monthly, that point is safe”

“Because I paid severance paye ale coin in the safe ”

“How do you e territory without money?”

“If I can live by eating this pride, by all means, I definitely want to live proud, Fine, I will et ”

Chrono spits sigh and left the office

“Generals, where should I put this statue?”

Yea~, the adjutant did a dull answer and put it on the floor of the hall

“Yea, this statue is the last thing in the treasure cabinet”

Says Chrono after looked at art iteic items that fill the hall The life-sized nude statue carried by the aide, the pots and paintings that seeical powers, the weapons whose seeic item

“Sorry everyone”

Chrono called out to his subordinates

Eight subordinates including his adjutant …… Tolf deolden mane, one with Lizardman and Minotaurs, one dwarf, and Leila at the end

They are a Centurian leaders who all command the squad of hundreds except for Leila who is a fifty commander (temp) … which collectives of the fifty elves who survived

“Generals, what are you going to do with this?”

“I’d like you to be quiet until I announce it officially, but I supposed to rule Elakis after marquis”

Oooh, and the eight men raised their voices

“It’s all good, but I have no funds to take any actions so I decided to sell off the property of Marquis Erakis”

Oooo, and eight men sound disappointed

“I understand it even if you don’t say … Well, I’d like to behave like a noble person so that everyone can boast, but without money, I can’t pay the part that Marquis Erakis embezzled”

“That’s why I willfirst, Leila!”

Chrono handed Leila a sheet of paper, an ink pot, and a feather pen

“wa … … that Chrono-sama?”

“What’s wrong?”

When Chrono took a gaze to an assistant officer, he seems uncomfortable and faces to the side

Chrono took writing tools from Leila and head to the statue at the very end

jar , jar , jar , painting, jar … … just collect soto do! It’s only a jar so that a word becomes painful

“…… 20, Ah, PollAxe?”

When Chrono tilted his head, Leila proudly said a little

“I am sorry, I don’t know that far”

“Mino-san, can you use it?”

the assistant lifted the poleaxe lightly

“General, Are you serious?”

Even if you try to sell it, you have to buy one again anyway … … Chrono watches the deputy officer who is tre with tremendous emotion with cold eyes

“It’s an item that you can talk to a far-away opponent”

“What is the effective distance?”

Chrono handed the sphere to his subordinates, which he could now use to interact with his subordinates

Chrono took a bow and looked carefully Apparently, this bow see several materials

It arven’s captain of the centurion who answered Dwarves who live in the Cepheus Empire seem to be a standard course to enroll in the ar skills as a craftsman

“if you have a workshop”

Chrono handed over the synthesis bow to Dwarves

“Ah ~, pots, pots, paintings, paintings, nude statues of the palm size …… fifty thousand, sword”

“It seereat quality”

Well, Chrono groaned together with Leila and Dwarf