Volume 1 Chapter 4 (1/2)

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Author: Saito Ayumu

Episode 4 “Okami and Flower seller”

When Chrono woke up, Leila sleeping peacefully on Chrono’s arm pillow as usual

Usual … It’s been teeks after Chrono and Leila have thisan everyday occurrence for Chrono to sleep in the same bed

Well, it is unpleasant every day for Tyria’s security officer at the house of Marquis Elakis In spite of being properly guarded, Leila sneaked in night after night

Thanks to that Tyria and the vice secretary have a “night after night you keep bring a half-elf into your bed, what a pervert!” hostile look

Also for Tyria’s attendant ht, but the bed sheet is not even stained Perhaps, his boy is iaze that makes me lose confidence

Chrono brings Leila to bed every night, but the frequency of that is not as often Regard the number of times he did the deed, only twice in teeks …… is that a lot or is that too few, Chrono doesn’t know

Chrono turned his body and looked at the chest of Leila which grew a little o

Changes are not lilossy, and her brown skin is increasingly lustrous

Besides Leila, other soldiers got bigger in size and the hair gloss was getting better

Probably because of Pics coreatly

Is it because of Nicolas a capable man or a former purveyor?

Chrono sense tells him it is the latter, but after all, it is a sense of a boy which is less than twenty years old

“But I think his attitude is good enough to be trusted ”

“Sorry, did I wake you?”

Chrono moves his left arm to Leila’s waist

“No! I did not try to touch your butt”

“Since I am a mistress of Chrono-sama, please do whatever you like”

while protesting, Chrono can’t resist the desire to touch Leila’s butt

“…… Chrono-sama?”

Leila’s cheek flushed, eh

“Of course I love you, but in my oay”

Chrono thinks it’ll be cool by returning a straight pitch here while touching Leila’s hair and ear

“Is it because you guide my study, why you don’t love me? If so … then …”

Chrono takes a look at sandbox placed on the desk Besides that, there are also round stones used to count nu stories

At the beginning when I started teaching Leila seein to ask ‘What are you going to teach me today?’

“And studying is fun right?”

When the Chrono asks gently, Leila body shook like she was surprised,

“Yes, it is fun”

was happily answered

Kan! Kan! the sound of hammer in one corner of Erakis Marquis house … fro the house of Marquis Erakis… can be heard

There are a furnace and an anvil, Charcoal are piled up like aaround

“Captain, there’s so I’d like to ask?”

“Thanks to Chrono-sama, a wonderful workshop was built”

Ha ha ha, Chrono and Dwarf laughed

“……I got all the materials but to actually build it”

With a harder tone of speaking, Chrono stares intensely at the captain of a hundred people

“I’ it”

This is not a false assumption If we can make weapons and armor in this workshop it will save a lot of money If we can develop weapons and armor of superior quality than e have, More subordinates live ht be saved

“Chrono-saht about when I was young”

“Yes! I will start right away!”

“Chrono, after not seeing for a while, you’ve beco sub-human”

“What wrong if it’s me!”

“Giving a ic weapon to sub-huht, you bring that half-elf t to bed Aren’t you spoil them too much?”

By the way, the subordinates of Marquis Erakis … Where did o?

“Sorry, I listen about halfway”

Is she tricked by a half-elf e con artist? And Chrono stared at Tyria

“If you understand, Then handover consolation money and drive out that half-elf”

eh? Tyria opened her eyes in surprise

“isn’t that your iination ?”

“Yes, maybe, even if Leila cheated on me as Tyria said, I promised to believe in Leila”

“…… You”

“You are foolish!+ Stupid, idiots, I thought you were stupid But you are a stupid idiot!”

“Hands of me!”

Tyria hit him, and Chrono fall on his back

Turning back on Chrono, Tyria went back to the house of Marquis Erakis with rough footsteps


“Your lip is bleeding too”

“Really, Chrono-sama really loves Leila na”

Chrono wiped blood with the sleeve of the military uniform and stood up

“Because Tyria wanted to go back to the i to search for servants”

It is aimless, Chrono looked up at the sky

As ee the marquis house? I tried to remember my adopt father’s house, but I can not recall at all

“For the tie job They’re training outside of town today, will this cloth be alright?

Although he was told to get a servant, Chrono did not think that he could hire a servant easily without any connection

If so, to inspect the city as well He changed his clothes from military uniform to casual wear

Right now he’s wearing a commoner tunic and hemp pants However, it is too neat for a coht have the impression of a rich kid

After buying dried fruits by a street stall and negotiate with the peddler and get on the carriage

The coood condition as it is, but there are vagrants, orphan, and women who seem like prostitutes

“Marquis of Erakis has crushed all the poor relief temple, but you don’t need to syh effort”

(tl: poor relief temple/institution sound weird but this will make sense later)

When Chrono murmured, the peddler scorn which did not try to conceal his thoughts

“I see”

“It see the theet a lazy habit”

Because I don’t want to be kicked out of the carriage, Chrono talked appropriately

Earth(Yellow soil) temple … one of the six pillar God, the teovern abundant harvest”

Besides the “Crio Kingdooverns life”, “Green God who governs vicissitudes”, the father of God “While God who governs order” and his wife “Black Goddess who governs chaos”

The reason e called the name because it’s said to be taboo to call a name of a God recklessly And only those who know real names of Gods are only certain a power

For that reason The six-pillar God which is also believed in the Cepheus Ereat

There is the first Emperor of the Empire of Cepheus “The tehly oppressed it

“here is good”

When Chrono juives a fareith a rough feeling (tl: he use ボン which shorten word use to call rich kids)

“Now, the one used for practice…”

Fortunately, a training field …… is just a wasteland, there is only a pile of trees … was found immediately

today is not long after they discharge froic and bows for each tribe

Training actual battle is to organize units of one hundred people, but in this situations where there are neither cavalry nor archers, it will not work

“Uuu, Ah the pair of a

I never want to fight a fist fight which uses log like a wooden stick

They probably noticed Chrono

“Generals …… your lip is injured”

“Generals can be careless too na Did you come to see Leila today?”

fuuuu ~ the adviser breathed out of his nose

“How many people?”

“I think that the salary will be cheaper than the army but I will hire all of them”

“I can’t just throw them out isn’t it, what about elves?”

In truth I just want to ask about ration for lared at the adjutant

“I didn’t think that far, it is a totally happy miscalculation”

If I had assuet

“General Don’t you want to see Leila, She stays just over there”

Rapid succession …… It hit the tens ofof such words

the fact from what I see other elves in view, Leila seems to be an excellent archer

“Leila is really good at archery”

because she is a half-elf? Chrono narrowed his eyes

so that’s why they restrain Leila back then, Chrono was strangely convinced

“That’s for sure”

In the end, Chrono left the training ground withoutwith Leila

Because he was a little hungry, Chrono decided to drop in at the dining room that Leila used for medical treatment

The dining hall was deserted … … There were no custo the counter with a rag of cloth

“For inspecting the city incognito”

“Well, callmaster!””

“There is only bread and soup, will you eat it?”

It is not that I a the city ……

“Yes, young master”

I felt that saltiness was a bit insufficient, but Chrono eats the soup without co

“It’s not good, recently … I don’t know, since the replacee tax has increased, such as kitchen hearth taxes, firewood taxes, my place is just a sh it was a store that finally set up with a dead husband if this go on it will be gone with the dept

It was heavier than I expected, Chrono silently eats bread

“Because young master is not the bad one, please don’t ood news like Erakisu Marquis was arrested on charges of e”

Fu~ and Chrono pretending to be indifferent

Although there’s a saying that , it seems that some secret is kept


She smiled like a mischievous kid

“To be frank, she’s my mistress now”

Okami-san disappointedly said

“If I’ to apply for your mistress”

It’s the eyes of a starving beast, Chrono hurriedly drinks the soup

“Hey, young master”

That sweet voice sounds like a carnivorous beast to him

I’ve come to a meal Chrono try to take the bread …… and dropped it

“… Hey, young master?”

She presses Chrono’s hand against her breast

“Are you trying to embarrass a woman?”

The lady sat on a thigh of Chrono and floated a captivating smile

When I firstup close she looks a bit younger

is it? The landlady was tilted her neck like she can not understand

Fui ~, She went back to the seat next to him with a disappointed face

“Well, I ht be noble but”