Volume 3 Chapter 9 (1/2)

I can't get used seeing a house so big, I got a bit tense and entered the house

There seems to be many employees here, somehow it smells really nice

Sweet fragrance of flowers tickles my nose

In theme to seat down

“Sakura-san, come here,I still need to invite someone”


Who does she need to invite, wile puzzled i come inside the reception room

What I hear through the door is the voice of my stepfather and the voice of unfamiliar man

Who is it? While wondering, I look inside the room from the back of my mother-in-laho opens a door


In the room was father-in-law and a unknown person

The first thing I saas red hair We are indoors, so it looks dark a bit, but it seems to be deep red

But sun shi+nes against my eyes so i can not see his face properly

When I a to keep my eyes on him, I was pushed by my mother-in-law

“Bring two tea and the sweets Oh, give Sakura sugared violet fruits”

At the words of a ht away” And left the beautiful room

My stepfather spewed a sigh of relief as he was amazed by her mother-in-laords

“You again …”

”What is it honey? I've brought Sakura san, this type of talk is better done quickly ”

I do not knohat is this story about,and stood still at the entrance of the roomTo me, my mother-in-law said “Sakura-san please sit down”

Well, sitting is okay, but what exactly is going on?

Who is this person? I gli on the sofa

Mother – in – law gazed atand said,

“Greedrich-sao, Sakura-san

Sakura-san, this is Greedrich-saht him in “

My mother-in-laho smiles coquettishly and father-in-laho seems tired fromher suppression

After that, I looked at the red-haired men with a steep expression,

I have to give a greeting first

I can see him now properly,he looks at me with this face and move his eyebroith a twitch I was about to stiffen, but I finished first greeting and sat down on the sofa as my mother-in-law said to me

It was at the beginning of the tea ceremony which was never fun

My mother-in-law speaks, my stepfather nods Griedrich-san nods as well I also nod The tea ceremony proceeds with such a flow

On the way, tea was added three ti three cups did not decrease particularly

Women’s love for small talks is the same in every world

I don't say I hate talking, but there is no gap to aquiz in words from her speech

My stepfather seemed a bit tired, tried to stop her “Hey” but she did not feel like stopping

“What? Do you want to refill your cup?

A man with red hair is wrinkled around the eyebrohether he is tired from mother – in – law nonstop talk or not

Tis kind of tea cereentle was to be interrupted by mother’s

“Hey, Sakura-san”

“Sakura,Could you please show hiarden”

“Uuh? Me?”

Sudden suggestions surprised me

Right now, did not we talk about beautiful workmanshi+ps made in some parts of the country?

How did the story finished with arden?

And, to put it other way, I do not know anything about the garden of azes, I nodded auously

At the end I tried a little,

“I do not know it very well,”


“It's okay, it’s not that wide, now the roses are beautiful, so please take alook at the roses, and smile”

Just to see the roses,okay, I nodded, and I took off with the Griedrich to the garden

Griedrich-sa talk of mother – in – law and breathed a littleHe looks tired

As arden don't look wide

However, of course, if it is compared with the comh it's small for ordinary families, there's no fountain

Several types of floere planted in the garden, but as I was told, I took him to the front of the roses

And I looked up at him

“Well, it is a roses”

“By looking i can ynderstand”