Vol 3 Chapter 10 (1/2)

Chapter 10

I breath out re a conversation betweenat the roses

I turned aze to where the reception rooli there

Mother-in-lawme so that i would risefor what?

I won’t get married to him, impossible i say

Feeling cold sweat falling, i opened my mouthMother-in-law said “ If it’s Sakura san, then it will turn out well, thought you are small, have no manners and hard to please” So she said, but what about ’not having manners’ part, i don’t understand cohts and stature, and even hobbies

“…Umm …,”


“… Do you like roses?”

“I don’t have any flower i especially like ”

“… Is that so … What, what kind of flower do you like?

” I am not interested in flowers “

I hang

It felt like I have to take responsibility,i felt like if I don’t speak about anything ill come back to the room, he doesn’t talk either

Thinking rinkles between the eyebrows, the other party seems to be very bored

I’s should be to talk about, but… I’m in trouble

Since he is also 25 years old this year,it seee cere theet a wife”

Incidentally, when hearing that their son likes males more than females, there are a few mothers who are not shocked However, in this case I think that it is a grand h standards with a lot of requests may not have it easy

While I was a bit pitiful about my opponent, I asked “What do you like then?”

Then he stares at

“… Sakura, I do not dislike”

“I see so Cherry Blossom huh…wait? Eee!”

In reality so like auto translation systerated, rather than a tree flower bloom similar sound was transmitted into the translation system

Things that do not exist completely in this world — For example, cars, mobile phones, televisions, microwave ovens etc — are not translated well and everyone is like “Jidosha?” For exaetables potato-like than they are translated to potatoes and ginseng root vegetables are translated to carrots

Sometimes a translation of “This feels sohly matched, there is not much trouble

But does he like Cherry blosso that there were flowers like Cherry blossoms in this world too

But if he like theo

Beyond my eyes, he looked at me carefully and afterwards turned his back on me

That back was headed towards the mansion as it is

I wonder if so

Oh ry! As I was i room

However, he left roos to Louise’s parent’s

Righteous parents and azed at ave his thanks in beautiful manner to the parent’s


ell then”

“Good bye … …” I set hi,and breathe out

My htly, and spun the word

“I guess this person was great?”

“Haa, uh, well, yes”

“Hoas it when the two of you spoke?”

“No, we didn’t talk much …”

“Hht if it’s Sakura-san, then … ”

I feel a little sorry for my mother-in-laho seemed a bit frustrated

No, but there are things that people can and cannot do In this case,it is the latter

I apologized as “I am sorry I can not help you”, and looked up at the sky that caught me

It wish that Louis and Vias may not come to this house

Anyway I hope, just for this one thing

At the end, when night came, Louis and Vias also flew to this house as soon as they finished the work

They said to o hoo home as I know you will do to me!

While thinking so, I stopped by my mother-in-law and said, “I do not want to return because ”

Mother – in – law is delighted, Vias and Louise in hurry

“Sakura,coet in the way of the need couple”

“That’s right, Sakura You say that you want it by all et in the way of your first honeymoon ”

absolutely I do not want! I do not want, and reject them


“Sakura is firht? Is it ok to be in single room with you?”

Who ill be in single room huh?

I shook my head briefly and said, “I am find even with sofa!”

“Well, such a thing — what did you do? Did you quarrel?”

No way, i could never say ’Your son attempted to rape me’

However, Louis laughed and spun the word “No”

“We are getting ith each other,it’s just Sakura is cute, and suddenly changed her mind”

“Ara? Cute!”

In Louis’ words, his ”

It was not good at all, and in the first place Louise say things he doesn’t understand too well about, and the opponent his mother at thatI’m irritated

Louise stretched out his hand and pulled my shoulders

To lend a kiss at the top of yaa, i screamed inside

Doing such a thing right before your mother’s eyes …!

Looking at ood to be young!”,again she said while looking at

It is not good at all, mother-in-law …!

I did not knohat to do, and was about to cry

After, I was having dinner at Louise house and enjoying talking with the Louis’s,his respective parents,and Vias, with us five – that woman came in

Burning red hair Black eyes A glahtened in her plump breasts

I think Glamorous Beauty is probably in her late 40s, and she is so beautiful that it does not make her seem old but sexy

I thought if that’s how looks a fashi+onable beauty witch, in the corner of my mind

She ca, She raised both hands at once The plenty breast bounced gorgeously


Liliel, that’s the name of a mother-in-law