Volume 4 Chapter 1 (1/2)

Griedrich Einstäffel

He is a son born between Ozriber Einstaffel, Duke of Astor, and his wife Lu Luochel

His hate for women started at six years

Speaking of the opposite sex, there was a sociable mother who rarely showed her face to him, step-sister Lily as taken by relatives when her father died in the accident, and Anri, a cousin of the sae

When he was six, first he started to hate his cousin Anri

Sooner or later the girl was introduced to Gried to become his wife, selfish and malicious,

cry baby, she was a very troublesoirl

Still, my parents decided on fiance, so there was no way to escape from her

A girl who I only met several tirew older

Still, I endured a conversation and kept her coreed was at age of 10, she learned to be somewhat ladylike, and folded fan with shy expressions

“Greed,if I marry you,will it be okay to have a lover?” In her words, Griedrich thought a little, nevertheless he nodded

He understood that such things will remain

Even so, he never thought that he would be told directly like this, but maybe it’s still better for her to say it clearly

But as soon as Griedrich nodded “I do not care”, she burst into tears

“Gried is always like that! You don't really care about me,do you? Why didn't you stop me!”

While looking at her crying and shouting, Griedrich rounded his eyes

He didn't understand as being said, also about Anri, it's not like he didn't care about her, especially if it's the girl that would become his wife in the future, in past she was selfish and ill-tempered, but now she see his wife

Even if asked why he will not stop her,Anri having a lover, he will not care about the ru around, especially if she says she wants to, there is noher

But Anri re, Griedrich was at a loss, and in the end the servant who heard her cry came

At that tian to have a weak consciousness at first with a woman’s unfamiliar behavior

Then, after a while, this is when I heard a story about Adergrate Academy on Griedrich

Hislonely”, but father recos to learn”

His father immediately told Griedrich that “not later than this year”, he also nods on it

And that is how Gried's sister ca

Griedrich, oke in the ht, was surprised to see the face of Lily in front of him

Even though the irl was starring at him at his own room

Lily cryingwith big drops, calling his name in breath

She was always honoring him when she called the name of Griedrich-sama

He have told that “Honorifics are not necessary” ed

Lily ‘s voice was saddened and seemed pitiful

To her tears for the first time, Griedrich calls her name puzzled

What happened? She will shake “Please don't go”

“Do not go to the Adergarte academy,” Griedrich was quite puzzled by her words

Why does she say such a thing?

In the first place, to say it, why she straddles hiht

I pro, but she swayed her head unwillingly, pushi+ng her forehead against his shoulders to restrain his movement

Griedrich stops getting up according, while being embarrassed

“Please do not go, please do not go” to that slender voice, Griedrich told her that “I can not do it”

Because it is the order of my father, I can not deny it

He himself didn't think that he never wanted it

On the contrary, he thought it was a bit of fun

Learn and live in the sae

In that unknoorld he held a longing

Is she lonely just like her mother — Griedrich’s lips that were blocked by that of Lily

Plu his eyes

From Liru he smelled soft and sweet roses

She tre his name “Griedrich-sama” as she separates her lips

Gleedrich was bewildered by sweet voice, gulped suddenly

I do not knoho the woman is in front of me

Liu wears white thin night clothes, and her skin bathed in h theis also white and transparent

Sirl seenize

Speaking of which,married soon

There have been stories of that kind many times for several years, but she never shook her head

I have seen that she is asking my father until she is at least 17

My father had a difficult expression, but in the long run he should have admitted that

And her seventeenth birthday is already about three e

She nodded to it, and after three months she should be someone else's wife

Why is she doing such a thing to myself

Lily gently smiled at Griedrich, who is clueless to the reason is

She was sorieved

While staring at his pupils, she breathes a small deep breath and then releases the ribbon at her chest

Then a soft-looking chest appeared, Griedrich got startled

She places her hands on his cheeks trying to distract his eyes, and Lily gives a loud voice saying “Griedrich-sama”

“Only once, I will not ht — Please, please let dreaht with Lily, to become true”

That is how she put her lips onue into mouth of Griedrich

Lily ‘s plu hair tickles his face

The first kiss was not a bad thing, it felt that Griedrich even becaht in, the soft lips, the ue

But as Lily touched the man’s part of Griedrich, he thrust her away

She rolled back to the bed with 'kya' sound