Volume 4 Chapter 3 (1/2)

Edited by Arina

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Then to say if the relationshi+p between Griedrich and Sakura changed, it was not so

Sakura treated Griedrich just like everyone else, like any other wo anyone more special than the other Griedrich, whose condition had returned to normal, never took the trouble to approach her And when Griedrich ca for Sakura, it was also without a change, but fros that cause the difference in his behavior are different from what he had had before

It was due to the thought that it was not his concern, but thinking about it now, Griedrich frowned as he ruive a naht, it was a kind of curiosity, but it seemed unnatural to end it only with that However, he could not nanore it and lived his life as usual, though he was still puzzled by his emotion

It was because of thisthat he couldn't meet her eyes, but at the same time, he couldn't really looked at her as lance at the corner of his eyes when she wasn't looking

Uh, that black eyes

Still, when other boys finished eating and returned the dishes to the washroo in a word or two, so he could see her s face each time

'I would like to try to talk with her again, but I do not have anything to talk about in particular'

The only opportunity hen they were putting the tableware back to the washi+ng roo Sakura, always removed his dishes instead of him

What were the other boys talking about with her? He couldn't even is they could talk about to h like that

As a result, Griedrich never interacted with her other than the day he caught the cold

It was a terrible night when it slowly started to rain

He thought as his roommate loudly opened the door of the roo!”

Raising ht

He heard that the current condition at the battlefield was not bad, but it was not good either

It see an end to the battle that

just began to cut down on each other’s physical strength

It was still a mystery of the reason why they were called, whether it was to raise or worsen the mood, he didn't know for sure It seehts, that they've invested quite a lot of tirown and would fare in the real battlefield

Griedrich, of course, didn't refuse it He was a little excited to try out the martial arts that he had learned to be applied in real combat

A few days later, the equipes with few people riding on it Several alue and Griedrich was also placed here A them was a prince with silver hair, and he stared at the dormitory direction from the

There are teachers lined up in front of the dorirl, and Griedrich felt a little thump in his heart which was not from the excitement of war

One of the boy was teasing her by tapping lightly on her shoulder and playfully confessing their love, flustered, Sakura could only shout ”Noisy!” to the boy When the boy told her that it was a joke and laughed, Sakura laughed along with him

While watching this, Griedrich resolved hiht with his oer

Then, the horse-drawn carriage carrying a few boys knights including Griedrich startedthe ride A nu the street

After finally passing through the forest, for so in a different direction — to the kingdom It seemed that it was only him as confused as to the reason why, no one in this carriage seemed to care about this

One was even leisurely reading a book and he felt unbalanced in this relaxed ato to war

He kneaded his eyebrows anxiously, only then did the student took his eyes off the book and glanced at Griedrich

“When you return to the kingdo, Gried?”

“Kingdom? — Why”

“Why … Have you not heard? We're not going to the battlefield, there was an order for us to return back home”

”We are being ordered to return ho Griedrich was stupefied

However, one of the students who rode on the sae turned their eyes toward me

“What are you talking about now”

The prince also looked at Griedrich as if he had slurred and said,

“Why don't you understand the value of your life a little more?”

'The value of life — How much is my life worth?'

Co special that could be considered excellent

There was so accurately at a distant object better than e like some people

Gried clenched his fist and gritted his teeth, and sat deeply It is such a thing that the duke’s blood line should not be extinguished in such a battle

He could understand the o down the horse carriage and head to the battlefield with everyone else, but even so Even so, I am —

Griedrich clenched his teeth and gripped his fist until his knuckles turned white

The resolve I had , he ju a lot of noise