Vol 4 Chapter 4 (1/2)

Chapter 4

Afterward, Griedrich was given a rose jam made by his mother, and was then ushered out the door to visit the Arven family

Lilliel who greeted him widened her eyes as if she was surprised

“Well, even though it was planned to be to Sakura here, so please show the guest some hospitality!”

As soon as she said it, she placed Griedrich in the hands of her husband, and run off to somewhere else

The attendant chased after her in panic

Foreigner… Sakura…

While struggling with the faht that it couldn’t be true

That girl should have gone o Therefore, surely, it should be a totally different person

However, in the end, it was actually her – Sakura, who had reed in by Louis’ er, but didn’t quite co with his o He was distracted by his inner thoughts, is she really the one? Or was there a possibility that she is a younger sister of si for him, but probably, no, he was sure that it was her

Although they had only talked once, ten years ago, her tone and small habits, Griedrich re about Griedrich, she even greeted hi

Although he hasn’t forgotten even a moment with her, even after 10-years! Griedrich felt irritated

So why did she become Louise Arven and Vias Klendine’s wife?

He felt a terrible betrayal, and glared at her

Seeing this, Sakura tilted her head as she was puzzled

Had she done so?

Seeing such an expression,Griedrich felt even more frustrated

Even though he held onto all htly, she did not remember even a little about Griedrich and she had even become a wife of his old alumnus

Why, Gried pouted

For example, would her eyes water as she remembered who Gried is?

Or, ould be her reaction if he said that he had wanted to see her for a very long time?

Or, if she became his wife, not Louise Arven’s or Vias Klendine’s — Only after conjuring up so inations, Griedrich returned to his senses

He couldn’t understand why he thought about such a thing, but iined, he felt that it wouldn’t be so bad

Although he was still frustrated and irritated, by the fact that Sakura was treating higested by the woarden, Griedrich extended one hand to her for the ti, “For now let me”

To the hand presented, she gently reached out, “I’ll be in your care”

Griedrich, who had never touched or touched a woman for ten years after the trouble with Lily — When his hands were held by Sakura, it was a feeling he hadn’t expected —, He was amazed by her small, moist and soft to touch of the hand

The clasp is so, he was also surprised by that

Griedrich looked uninterestedly and looked down at Sakura as she started introducing the roses

Around ten years ago, there was only a height difference of about 10 cm between Griedrich and Sakura, but now it is different Since there was a height difference of about one head, the face of Sakura could not be seen properly when they were standing next to each other

He heard ‘do you like roses?’, she asked ‘or if there were other flowers he liked’ and he told her that he was no

t interested in flowers

He was only interested in a girl, whose nan flower, in front of him

Sakura who couldn’t have knohat he was thinking andwas tired of blunt replies of Griedrich, asked


“Then what do you like?”

‘Sakura’, Griedrich mumbled under his breath, he did not even know if he irl in front of him

On the way back, he couldn’t get her out of his mind

‘What on earth is this exactly?’