Chapter 5 - Gu Ye Seems Slightly Evil (1/2)

<h3>Chapter 5 - Gu Ye See for the first ti up his sleeves, he sneered, “Rather than worry about the second half of my school year, you better worry about yours”

Three minutes later, Gu Ye returned to the classroom under the bewildered stares of the other students

A few moments later, a disciplinary teacher went to use the restroom As he opened the door, he saoeach other Seeing their vulgar, pale-white bodies on the floor, he closed his eyes in disgust

The discipline teacher alhly iuys must be crazy!”

He blocked the entrance and called Class 6’s homeroom teacher, Teacher Yu, over

Teacher Yu was nearly fifty years old and had been a teacher for decades, but he had never seen such brazen students Qian Zhen and Hu MingMing were famous delinquents in the school They often bullied their classmates and disrespected the teachers Even the new feered to tears several times Teacher Yu knew that these two students were not easy toso insane

After shouting at the that they still didn’t wake up, Teacher Yu directly poured cold water onto their faces “Wake up! This is outrageous! Don’t you have any shaily woke up and instantly saw the furious expressions on his classroom teacher and the disciplinary teacher’s faces Then, he looked at Hu MingMing, as still sprawled on top of hi’s indecent position that gave hi at?! Why are you naked, Hu MingMing!”

Turning to look at himself, Qian Zhen was stupefied What the fuck happened? He only re to avoid the surveillance to beat hi

“You two put on your clothes first” Face pale, Teacher Yu exasperatedly said : “Teacher won’t discriether, but you should not do such things at this age! This is a school! A place to study! How dare you…” Teacher Yu kneaded his painful forehead, angered to the point of speechlessness He felt as if he was about to faint

Understanding the teacher’s ry “Old Yu, what do you mean? Me and hi’s flabby flesh, his stoer flared after hearing his disrespectful attitude toward his homeroom teacher and commanded, “Qian Zhen! Call your parents! We have to talk about you and what type of student you are!”

Hu MingMing, who just woke up, was also disgusted and frightened While putting on his clothes, he desperately tried to explain : “Teacher, you got it wrong! It’s Gu Ye who framed us! Gu Ye, that son of a bitch!”

Teacher Yu laughed ly “Everybody knows that Gu Ye is honest and wouldn’t even dare to speak loudly How can he do such a thing? You want to fool us? You really don’t want to admit your mistakes?! Call your parents is res will spread thousands ofwere discovered naked and e each other in the restroom soon spread all over the school The delinquents in the school were stupefied <e-Ge were actually in this kind of relationshi+p!</e’s parents arrived Under their intense pleading, Teacher Yu seriously told them : “To be honest, even expulsion is reasonable However, after considering their future and the fact that the college entrance exaive them a chance to ht in the restrooht, they will be immediately expelled”

The two’s parents bowed in thanks while cursing their sons in their minds

Qian Zhen, however, was unsatisfied “Teacher, are you blind? It was obviously Gu Ye’s work ”

As soon as he finished speaking, his father angrily kicked hi at his father with indignation

Teacher Yu was greatly dissatisfied with Qian Zhen’s attitude “The school had already checked the surveillance video There were only the two of you forcibly dragging Gu Ye into the bathroo, you should kno he did it, right?”

Qian Zhen opened histo say He had no recollection of what transpired

After being repri went to the cafeteria for aeyes from the students They cursed Gu Ye endlessly in their hearts

When Qian Zhen spotted Gu Ye eating nonchalantly in a corner, his eyes turned red fro, that son of a bitch!”

“We can’tMing relared fiercely at Gu Ye, saying, “Wait until we get out of school I’ll teach him a lesson then!”

For the first ti at Gu Ye’s back hatefully, he began calculating how to teach him a lesson