Chapter 7 - No money, no talk. (1/2)

<h3>Chapter 7 - No money, no talk</h3>

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<euy!</eYu realized that he had just been saved Taking a deep breath, he crawled away frohost When he saw the face of the person who had just come in, his chin alaze swept over Lin ZiHao and Liu YiWen, ere lying on the ground He hadn’t slept well for two days and was in a bad mood “People who are rescued never call their benefactor by name to show respect You should call Yu : “…Dude, are you a chuunibyou? Or is this your second personality?”

Gu Ye’s current personality was completely different compared to what he norYu’s face and said, “You were born into a wealthy farandfather was also in the army Your father started a business while your mother was from an even more wealthy and powerful fa woman Because she didn’t have the ti your childhood, your relationshi+p with her isn’t very good You want to oppose her, but to put it bluntly, you always end up getting beaten instead You almost died when you were four, and your ot about that You will soon have a blood disaster, but once you pass this hurdle, you will becoure in the future If you can’t, then you’ll be a hopeless case”

Zhao PengYu grabbed the stool in front of hi anchoring hiht

Gu Ye’s eyes narrowed “Give me money, and I’ll tell you how to avoid the disaster”

Zhao PengYu took out his money hurriedly Gu Ye had just saved his life so he believed everything he said

Seeing hienerous, the corner of Gu Ye’s lips curved into a ses in the near future”

Zhao PengYu nervously asked, “And then?”

“If you don’t cross any bridges, nothing will happen If you do, then so will definitely happen” Gu Ye then stepped on the fehost’s tragic situation, Zhao PengYu sed back the words he was about to say

At this ti that Gu Ye was really capable and not a liar, he crawled over with tears and held Gu Ye’s leg “Gu Ye, please helpto killthe blood that had dried, he was even , he was like aat sea with only one wooden plank to save his life

Liu YiWen was also scared to the point of al, he said, “We didn’t mean it, we really didn’t We just played Pen Fairy because ere curious It was just out of curiosity”

Gu Ye’s sYu asked curiously, “Don’t people like you treat money like crap?”

Gu Ye sneered “Even faht for money I’ve seen a lot of people who love money, but I’ve never seen anyone who loves shi+t”

“Pfftt!” Zhao PengYu couldn’t hold back his laughter Gu Ye had rushed to save him when he was about to die, so he wasn’t a bad person However, his tongue was truly poisonous

Lin ZiHao and Liu YiWen could only fork out h” Gu Ye looked at them coldly “Give me all of your pocket money”

Lin ZiHao and Liu YiWen took a look at the fe with their ive all our money to you, then our Yu couldn’t stand it anyrabbed their wallets and took out all the: “You’re about to die, and you’re still reluctant to pay? Doesn’t the school have a system that allows poor students to earn some pocket money? Go do chores, and you will be paid five yuan a day Eating soh It’s just right that you can learn a lesson!”

Gu Ye put all of their uys do well on this year’s final exam?”

The two’s pale faces suddenly turned red with e they shouldn’t

Zhao PengYu was shocked speechless These tanted to know the exam questions in advance, so they suhly in the end year exa off the charhost’s forehead, he said, “Sister, let’s talk”

The other three couldn’t bear looking at the bloody face of the fehost In the future, the word “Sister” would leave a psychological shadow on their psyche

The fe beaten by Gu Ye While resentfully staring at the boy, she didn’t dare to move as she was also scared by the charm Gu Ye held in his hand

Gu Ye sat down on the stool Zhao PengYu handed over to his “What’s your name? How old are you? How did you die? What made you so unhappy? Let’s talk about it”