Chapter 8 - Come here, theres been a kidnapping, ah! (1/2)

<h3>Chapter 8 - Co, ah!</h3>

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Frightened by the ghost child, Zhao PengYu and the others loudly screamed, “fuck!” and scrauidly raised his hand and, just like playing volleyball, s its head Under the horrified eyes of everyone else present, he started patting and soothing it “Don’t host baby was instinctively scared by the slap He ti and had no intention to hit hihost baby carefully reached out toward the he to act like a cute child

Gu Ye bent over, picked hi his head while praising him “You’re lovely, but we have no fate Otherwise, I’d Yu al aoQianQian anxiously explained, “This kid doesn’t understand anything He’s just a baby who died in the worievances which were naturally formed He has never hurt anybody, so please don’t take hihost baby’s head “I can see that”

Seeing that Gu Ye really had no intention of harhost asked tentatively, “Will you really help hosts”

Liu YiWen asked in a whisper, “Is it really okay to help ghosts?”

Zhao PengYu agreed with Gu Ye “Scum should receive retribution for their actions”

Lin ZiHao frowned, clearly disagreeing with this “It’s not good to help ghosts harm people She’s already dead anyways Gu Ye, hurry and elierous”

Gu Ye’s eyes narrowed One could see froood opinion of Lin ZiHao’s personality “In fact, it’s actually nors always instinctively seek soil that breeds evil”

Zhao PengYu also understood the underlyingin Gu Ye’s words He hadn’t realized before, but he did feel that Lin ZiHao was beco stupider by the second “Is that scum innocent? Can’t you see these two lives he snuffed out with his own hands, ah? Or, are your two eyes inally living people too?”

Lin ZiHao was rendered speechless by Zhao PengYu Keeping his head down, he didn’t dare say a word

Gu Ye stood up with the ghost baby still in his ar the restriction placed on the fehost He then fished out a shost, “You hide here first I will take you to hi head leaning forward, the little ghost also curiously looked at the bottle Gu Ye lifted him up and put him into the bottle first <em>It’s better to put this one in first, just in case If the little one ends up biting someone, he will have no choice but to discipline hihost baby were also co stuffed into the bottle, the fe into a black fog and diving into the bottle However, before doing so, she looked at Lin ZiHao with a regretful gaze

“You guys can sleep peacefully fro the at his back, Zhao PengYu really wanted to kneel down and call hie dor and Gu Ye’s room

When Gu Ye returned to his dor soundly as the spell he cast was still functioning Xia Xiang was still in deep sleep, probably because he hadn’t had a good night’s rest for a long while Gu Ye placed the bottle under his pillow before lying down and drifting into slu, Gu Ye calculated the location of wang QianQian and her son’s re on a pastry and found that it was at a hill near the wall on the west side of the field In fact, it was just a sravel left behind after the construction finished After inal shape indeterly called it “the school’s peak” When free, some students will climb the mound and stand at the top to view the scenery outside of the school nobody knew that a corpse lay underneath thatthe presence of their remains, the porcelain bottle in Gu Ye’s pocket shook Gu Ye then stroked it soothingly, saying, “You’ve already waited for seven years What’s aThrowing the last bite of the pastry into his mouth, Gu Ye then took a napkin and wiped his hands He was about to go back when he suddenly felt a rustling wind behind his head Tilting his head, a basketball whizzed past his ear and hit the ground, bouncing several meters in the air after the ireat strength

Gu Ye frowned and turned to look A stocky boy who looked like a ruffian grinned with his teeth bared, apologized with no guilt whatsoever, “Sorry,look at the student before leaving He had no interest in arguing with fools

“Didn’t you say that Gu Ye became smarter? Why is he still the same fool?”

“Who knows? He was raised by his step up”

“Maybe his stepmother’s milk is poisonous? Hahahahaha…”


Gu Ye was already a few steps away, but when he heard this, he stopped and turned toward the boys Directing a piercing glare in their direction, his eyes were icy cold and his emotionless black pupils were like an endless abyss The boys taunting him immediately went silent, their next words stuck in their throat Realizing that they had been intimidated by him, the boy who threw the basketball at Gu Ye earlier took the lead, angrily retorting, “What the fuck are you looking at? You wanna go?”