Chapter 11 - Justice always prevails (1/2)

<h3>Chapter 11 - Justice always prevails</h3>

Translator : Kuroshi+nji

TL/Checker & Editor : SilentDawn

Editor & Proofreader : Mariabel


After the “Son of Destiny” left, Gu Ye took out his little porcelain bottle and let the ghost sister with heavy ghost qi and her ferocious son out

“Haih, what a lovely child” Gu Ye couldn’t stop hihost child’s head

After staying with Gu Ye for nearly aQianQian and her son lost a lot of their Sha Qi and were able to maintain a rational mind The little one seemed to have developed a bit of huht of another huhost child looked pretty docile Gu Ye sent the pair into the building through the , and the ghost child grinned happily, displaying a row of sharp teeth

Gu Ye once again patted his head <eood child who doesn’t even eat humans!</em>

In order to protect the ive the QianQian Instructing her son to bow to Gu Ye, she then disappeared with her kid in tow right after

Gu Ye sighed “This sister is quite ruthless”

Gu Yang was curious After hearing about the tragedy of her life, he had never dared to look at the fe his eyes, he asked, “What do you mean?”

“It means that she wants to have her perfect family of three and doesn’t want to reincarnate” Gu Ye chuckled and pulled his younger brother up “Justice ht come late, but it’s always there You should bear this in ”

Gu Yang listened obediently At this moment, he felt as if his brother was really an is he couldn’t understand, he sounded super wise!

The concert had been going on for an hour Li Rui went to the bathroo his hands, he looked at his face covered with bright makeup in the mirror Even the heavy makeup couldn’t cover the dark circles under his eyes when viewed closely Pinching in between his eyebrows, he forced himself to relax and adjust his state as soon as possible

At this time, a dark shadow suddenly flashed behind hi which paparazzi dog or sasaeng fan was so obsessed to follow hi anybody, Li Rui turned back cal in his mind But what he saw in the mirror caused him to be so horrified that he took a few steps backwards in shock There was a srinning at him

Li Rui looked at his shoulder in horror but saw nothing, yet when he turned back to look at the mirror, the baby was still there

Li Rui’s breath was stuck in his throat and he tried to run out of the bathroohost, ah!</eet out of the bathrooround with a loud thud It was so painful that Li Rui felt as if his face had been defor to his death!

At thisbitten, and when he shakily touched it, the pain worsened It was so painful that he wanted to tear off his ears, and his face paled At the thought of a ghost riding on his shoulder, he got goosebumps all over He covered his ears and turned to look at theat his ears

Frightened, Li Rui said with a trerievances in the past and no feuds to talk about currently Why are you attacking rievances in the past, no feuds currently?” A ghost with long hair silently appeared in theirony in her cold voice, she said, “Li Rui, don’t you recognize usthe fahost’s corroded face with features so deformed that one couldn’t even differentiate between the nose and thehiht

“QianQian, you’re…QianQian?” Li Rui finally reacted and scrahosts, ah!”

The bathrooent and assistant, ere following hi in the toilet? He still has songs to perform”

“Li Rui, open the door Why did you lock the door?”